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Horizons Field Trips




The West Jasper Horizons students recently applied their studies in the field as they traveled to Alabama and Louisiana. Intellectually gifted students in 5th and 6th grades enjoyed spelunking in the damp, dark DeSoto Caverns in Childersburg, Alabama. Students, teachers, and parents took home various gemstones found as they panned for gems. The group was also challenged to a quest as they searched for towers in a fenced maze. Horizons students walked into the caverns and witnessed nature’s beauty as they identified stalagtites, stalagmites, and other speleothems. They learned about Hernando DeSoto’s discovery of the cavern and how Confederate soldiers used the cavern for mining gun powder. Trevor Parker said, “Seeing everything we’ve learned about made it so exciting!” 

Gifted students in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades traveled to Folsum, Louisiana to experience animals in their natural habitat through a safari at the Global Wildlife Center. Students rode on a wagon through the African-like grasslands while feeding fallow deer, water bucks, zebras, giraffes, rhea birds, and other species of wildlife. During the safari, students learned about feeding habits, interactions, behaviors, and adaptations in each species’ natural habitat. The students loved the close interaction with the animals and developed an appreciation for conservation of our world’s wildlife. 





Perfect Scores


And We've Got The Scores To Prove It!

Three outstanding Stringer Attendance Center
Students recently made PERFECT scores on the
MCT2 or SATP Testing Program.
Lance Jenkins scored perfect on
MCT2 Language Arts,
Gunner James scored perfect on 
MCT2 Mathematics,
and Auburn Ansley scored perfect on Algebra I. 


Positive Behavior Reward


PBS reward

Students enjoy at fun-filled day at Ford's Farms 

for their great behavior and classroom attendance.

To learn more about the positive behavior system 

click here.



Stringer Attendance Center PTO 



PTO Board Members


President - Christy Holfield           Reporter - Tasha Black

Vice President - Patricia King      Fundraising - Shana Hosey

Secretary - DeAnne Parker          Board Member - Carrie Fielder

Treasurer - Debra Clark               Board Member - Kala Livingston

Past President - Josh King          Board Member - Jacky Spradley

Teacher Appreciation - Lindsey Myers

Kroger Community Rewards


Attention all Kroger shoppers!

Be sure to have your Kroger card handy to 

sign up for rewards that will come directly

back to our school.  Enter NPO number 97260.



Family Reading Night was a success!  

Thanks to our students, parents,

PTO, and especially our guest readers!


Stringer License Plates


Stringer license plates are on sale now.  You can pick 

up a form in the school office.  Elementary children

should have forms in their backpacks.  Cost is $31. 

It is due by January 31st.  We must presale 300

for them to be put into production.




Items that also benefit our school:

Box Tops for Education

Campbell's Labels for Education

My Coke Rewards

If you are unsure of how these items help ask your child's 

teacher of a PTO officer.  Every little bit helps!

Future PTO dates:

October 28th - Family Reading Night -

wear friendly costume

December 2nd

February 17th

April 21st


Stringer Attendance Center Blood Drive



Blood Drive


Blood Drive

There was a lot of hesitation and nervousness in the Allied Health classroom at Stringer High School on the morning of Wednesday, October 1st  as several students stepped up for the first time to give the gift of life. The Stringer Student Council hosted its annual blood drive in conjunction with United Blood Services. Senior, Quade Clark and Junior, Elizabeth Barden assisted in the coordination of the event and registered blood donors for the project. High school advisor, Sonya Ready said the group enjoys hosting the blood drive each year and recognizes the importance of giving back to the community. The group’s goal for the day was 43 units of blood. United Blood Services School Coordinator, Kim Brown reported that the school broke a record with their fall blood drive as students, teachers, and community members donated 62 units of blood. Allied Health instructor, Megan Welborn held the drive in her classroom which allowed her students to experience some of their curriculum in action. Stringer High School will host another blood drive on Thursday, February 12th at the Stringer High School campus. If you would like to donate blood, you can sign up online at www.bloodhero.com and use the sponsor code stringerhigh with no spaces or you can call the school at 601-649-5566 to schedule an appointment. Thank you.